Path of Obedience exists to help return the children of God back to obedience to the Word of God. We believe that obedience to God should be the goal in the life of every believer. Yeshua (Jesus) teaches that if we love Him, we will obey His commands. Abba (Father) gives specific teaching on how He desires to be loved. Scripture calls these teachings, Yahweh’s(God) torah. Torah further explained means God’s commands, laws, instructions and direction. Simply, torah is the path God tells us to walk.

If we simply walk the path of obedience to our Father’s torah, then He promises that His name will be glorified in all the nations!

Through whom [Jesus the Messiah, our Lord] we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations.

Apostle Paul – Writing to the Romans

Path of Obedience provides a place where believers learn about our Father’s torah and how it still applies to their lives. We want to unveil the importance of learning to submit to God’s laws and thus love Him rightly. We will challenge historical church traditions and contest popular man-made doctrines that contradict Scripture. Our means by which we will accomplish these things is through clear biblical teaching, rich scriptural studies, and simple kingdom insights – so that our lives may be formed as we walk His path of obedience.

Encouraging Believers

It’s our desire that you’ll find great personal encouragement through our website. Encouragement to study the richness of God’s word more intently, encouragement to pray and commune with Abba (Father) more intimately, and encouragement learning to love God and others more purely. These reasons motivate us to place ‘encouragement’ at the heart and focus of each of our studies; so that our lives are built-up into a dwelling place for Him.

Clear Biblical Teaching

In our day, the internet is full of voices heralding some form of ‘biblical revelation’. Many people scour the web here-and-there trying to find some set of scriptural teachings to adopt. Though, in the end, they are often left with patchwork for a spiritual foundation, and an inadequate biblical understanding. For us, clear biblical teaching takes the form of an interpretation of Scripture that consistently proves true, from Genesis to Revelation. Two key interpretation methods guide our teachings: 1) We intentionally view the whole Bible as one book from one author, God, and 2) By removing denominational bias as much as possible, we enable Scripture to interpret Scripture. If we commit to these two principles, our teachings will remain consistent, clear, and biblical.

Rich Scriptural Studies

So often we tend to miss the true meaning of the Scriptures as we read them. This occurs by not taking the time to properly understand the historical setting and context of the Bible. As we begin to gain a better understanding of context and setting, the Scriptures themselves become more alive and vibrant to us. Exploring history brings new life, but we do not stop there. We also explore the original language of the Scriptures, Hebrew. Detailed word studies from Hebrew guarantee to open your eyes to new understanding.

Simple Kingdom Insights

We have a tendency to overcomplicate the simplistic nature of the insights we’ve been given into the kingdom of heaven. We sermonize away simple scriptural truths and turn them into religious rhetoric, mostly because we haven’t taken the time to understand their true meaning. In doing so, we often miss the plain truth we are intended to grasp. It’s for this reason that we choose to focus on the simplicity of kingdom principals and insights found in scripture.

Walking In Obedience

Nothing pleases our Father more than when one of His children willingly submits to His commands simply because they love and trust Him. Through this website we hope and pray that your life is forever changed and that you are encouraged to live as the Messiah Yeshua lives.