praying for each other

1 John 5, Confidence to Receive From Him

Do you have confidence that you will receive what you ask of the Father? Come discover with us how confidence in prayer for the brethren is built.

/ March 10, 2021

Luke 15:11-32, Lessons from the Parable of the Prodigal Son

The story of the prodigal son reveals insights into the relationship between the Jew and Gentile. We can glean important lessons about how we are fellow heirs and should learn to rejoice for our common salvation!

/ February 1, 2020

Colossians 2:16-17, Understanding Judgment

An examination of what it means to not let anyone pass judgment on you in regards to food, drink, festivals, new moons and the Sabbath.

/ September 27, 2019

Acts 10, Understanding Peter’s Vision

God gives Peter a vision in Acts chapter 10. This vision would begin to break down the separation that existed between believing Jews and god-fearing Gentiles. To this day, It's a vision that is commonly misunderstood and generally misinterpreted. As we'll learn, Peter's vision isn't about being able to eat unclean food, rather it's about God accepting the Gentile believer coming into faith and community.

/ February 21, 2017

Examining the Key Themes of Galatians

Paul's epistle to the Galatians has been used over the centuries to teach that Gentile believers no longer need to obey our Father's Torah. But is this what Paul actually argues? Examining these three key themes (gospel, justification, and law) is essential to unlocking our understanding of what Paul conveys to his beloved Galatians.

/ February 9, 2017

Faith, Law, and Trust – According to James

Much has been said regarding the role faith plays in the life of a believer. After all, we understand by now that we're saved by grace through faith, right? Right. James seeks to help us understand what that saving faith in the life of a believer should now look like – biblically speaking.

/ November 6, 2016